Welcome to the world of Vintage! Know that each person who comes through our doors is a VIP. Customer service is of the utmost importance and your experience here is our main focus, with everyone treated with respect and dignity. Vintage is a place to relax, have fun, socialize and make new friends. We pride ourselves on knowing your name, a bit like Cheers!

We offer Green Chic top notch products, carefully selected and only exceptional. Our people are the most talented, creative and dedicated team you will find anywhere. Here at destination Vintage, we want to make sure you look and feel great while you are here, and when you walk out the door. It is my pleasure to bring my life long vision of a place where you can be adored, be elegant, and be the best YOU possible.

Welcome to our Vintage Family,

Martha Kelley-Mari  & Eluara Martins- Owners