Spray Tan

South Seas Spray Tan
– $ 40

Express Spray Tan (Develops in 2 Hours) – $ 50

Tan without the exposure to the damaging rays of the sun. We use the South Seas® Spray Tan System to deliver a flawless bronze color to your skin. Our tans are evenly applied by a trained professional in less than 5 minutes. South Seas dries instantly, is not sticky, will fade naturally and is paraben-free. The active ingredient in all self-tanners is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA-made from sugar) and is FDA approved.

Preparing for your South Seas Spray Tan:

  • Any waxing should be done prior to your tan.
  • Exfoliate with Bora Bora Body Polish.
  • It’s OK to wear lotion the day of your tan.
  • Bring a dark swimsuit or undergarments and flip flops to your session.
  • Wear dark clothing as the cosmetic bronzer may rub off.

Maintaining your South Seas Spray Tan:

  • After your tan, avoid showering, swimming or heavy perspiring for 8 hours.
  • Your tan will last over a week on your body; use Tahitian Tan Mist on your face, hands and feet as they will fade faster.
  • Prolong your tan with Tahitian Tan Extender, especially if you’re in the water excessively.
  • DHA can be drying. Be sure to hydrate your skin.

*Prices are subject to change without notice*